Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Place Space Exhibition 8.15.10 - 12.15.10

Preliminary installation photos of
Wherever you go, there you are. (2010)

The beginnings of a collaborative Holding My Breath. (2010)
A sign on the table will soon read:

Step 1: Unfold paper bag
Step 2: Inflate with your breath
Step 3: Twist top
Step 4: Add to the pile

Close ups of the paper bag layers.

Aura (standing) (2010)

Place Space
Naomi Falk, Solomon Isekeije, Jayson Lowery, Ed Pollard

8.15.10 - 12.15.10

Neil Britton Art Gallery
Virginia Wesleyan College
1584 Wesleyan Dr, Norfolk, VA 23502

Reception: Thur, Sept 9, 2010, 4 - 6pm

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